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Living History

The living history field, based on the historic WW2 Daedulus Airfield site at Lee on Solent, means that we have more than ample space within a secure, fenced area on the airfield. 

Within this area we are looking to be showing period Military vehicles and period Cars. For those bringing vehicles the driver has a free entrance ticket. 


Therefore, we are looking for groups and individuals, with or without vehicles, and in particular for those who would like to be more interactive with the public.

For re-enactors attending there will be the provision of showers and toilets; there will be food vendors & bars as part of the event offering.  We do have a set of standing orders for all re-enactors to work to whilst being at the event; these can be seen here:


Arrival can be on Friday 7th and we’re hoping that all will remain on site until the closure of the event at 5pm on Sunday 9th or staying over and leaving on Monday 10th by 5pm. There will be an area for plastic camping, which will on the same event site but a different area from the living history.

To book to attend please complete our booking form by clicking on the button below. 

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