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Sponsorship and Advertising

As one of the largest D-Day Celebration events in the area, the Daedalus event offers you an ideal opportunity promote your business and for you and your staff to get involved to make it the huge success it needs to be.

As the organiser of previous events here in Lee on the Solent, Montserrat Events promise top class planning, promotion and marketing to create awareness and visibility which will deliver substantial audience footfall to see your branding and your association. Fareham Borough Council in fostering the event, will also provide promotion and awareness.


Based on the previous delivered event the estimated visitor numbers are 10,000 over the event weekend, this is a conservative estimate but we know that Daedalus 75 delivered in to 2019 had 15,000 visitors over the 2 days.

There are many opportunities to take an active role, all of which, showcase your business and deliver a big PR boost. Local awareness helps with recruitment and generates positivity towards your staff, suppliers and customers. The following are points on the reasoning for being a business to sponsor the Daedalus D-Day 80.


Long Term Strategy

Consistent advertising and sponsorship demonstrates your company’s commitment to the local community, which includes your staff. Association with a successful and prestigious event can demonstrate the quality standards your company aspires to.

Positive Publicity

Sponsorship/advertising allows businesses to be perceived as supporting the community and contributing to its development, creating vast goodwill.

Events provide an Audience

Sponsorship/advertising provides the opportunity to connect with an engaged audience.

Digital and Traditional Awareness

Our advanced use of social media, coupled with more traditional methods, draws a much wider audience for you to engage with.

Boost Business Relations

Sponsorship/advertising has the potential to improve your company's image, status and reliability; to network with new businesses, creating new relationships

Please do get in touch at if Sponsorship & Advertising is of interest; it would be great to be able to come and meet you to see how your business can get involved with this memorable event.

To read our Sponsorship & Advertising

document click on the PDF icon.

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